Community & Collaboration

Community & Collaboration Team

Elaine Borawski, PhD, Director
Kurt Stange, MD, Co-Director
Mark Chance, PhD, Co-Director

A core group of healthcare professionals interested in health promotion research coordinate activities in partnership with community residents and organizations. They seek to improve awareness among researchers of the health priorities of the community, to use community expertise in determining usefulness and practicality of proposed studies, and to educate the community on the relationship between research and health, the process of research, and the distinction between research and medical care.

This resource is focused on fostering bi-directional understandings between researchers and the community, and enhancing research opportunities through collaborations and partnerships among researchers, community residents, and organizations. They provide:

  • Cultural sensitivity training and consultation services for institutional researchers interested in community-based research.
  • Connections and services that promote community involvement in developing, implementing, and participating in research projects which are most meaningful to community needs.
  • Community education about research and about how to conduct research
  • The means to reduce the divide between researchers and the community through Project REECH
  • Language Translation Service