About Community & Collaboration

As one of the two largest, cross-institutional components, the goal of the CTSC Community and Collaboration (C&C) component is to foster effective interdisciplinary investigative teams enriched with our diversity of stakeholder communities, to address, together, the health and health care priorities of our population. The term community includes all stakeholders connected to clinical and translational research. Communities may include but are not limited to non-profit or industry entities engaged in translational research, and might include disease advocacy groups, local health providers, community-based organizations, and other national or local communities (NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)).

The CTSC C&C seeks to institutionalize team science with community and stakeholder engagement as a normative approach to research across CWRU and its health system partners. 

Collaborative Teams

We provide resources to create and support a pipeline for collaborative teams (interdisciplinary research teams with engaged stakeholders) to form and produce novel and relevant translational research.

Engage Stakeholders

We aim to increase awareness and capacity for all stakeholders to engage in team science research, including, but not limited to, community, clinical, industry and tech partners.

Investigator Tools

We provide tools to increase awareness and capacity of investigators (faculty, staff, trainees) on the value and importance of translational science conducted through team science with stakeholder engagement.

Policy Change

We seek to cultivate Team Science with Stakeholder Engagement as an institutionalized norm across the CTSC.