Collaborative Working Retreats

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Community and Collaboration Team Science Poster
Community and Collaboration Translational Science Poster

Interdisciplinary research teams have the opportunity to participate in a retreat aimed at moving the team from collective ideas to translational research projects which include community, clinical or industry stakeholders as part of the research endeavor. Retreats are 4 hours in length and are led by a professional group facilitator. A limited number of tailored retreats are available each year.* In order to be considered, teams must be interdisciplinary, with an engaged stakeholder, focused on a translational research health topic and demonstrate commitment by completion of retreat pre-work.

The process for receiving a Collaborative Working Retreat is as follows.

  1. Request a collaborative working retreat.
  2. Investigator will be contacted by Community and Collaboration (C&C) staff to conduct a brief interview to assess readiness.
  3. Investigator will be asked to sign letter of intent for engagement.
  4. Team members will complete pre-work specific to their team and project used as a basis for tailoring retreat contents.
  5. Investigator will work with facilitator to set date for retreat and plan contents.

*Additional retreats may be available to teams on a for fee basis. Teams not awarded retreats will be connected to other available resources.



Anna Thornton Matos, MPH, Project Director, 216.368.5776


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