Resources for Collaboration and Team Science

These resources provide interdisciplinary research teams the tools and resources needed to collaboratively address scientific challenges.

Collaborative Working Retreats 

Collaborative working retreats are available! New or existing interdisciplinary teams selected through a competitive application process will receive a package of support intended to move them from having collective ideas to developing translational research projects with a special focus on inclusion of stakeholders (community, clinical and industry) throughout the research process. This support includes a 4 hour professionally-facilitated retreat, use of a graphic recorder, and pre- and post-retreat administrative support.


In cases where study personnel are community partners, the CTSC and the Office of Research and Technology offer the CIRTification program as an alternative method when the traditional human research protection training may not be appropriate. All alternative training plans must be submitted and approved by the Office of Research and Technology. There are two paths to receive your training:

  1. You may go to the University of Illinois - Chicago CCTS website and do the online course. Your credentials will then be sent to the CWRU site administrator: Yovonda Rease (
  2. If there is more than one person taking the course, you may choose to do an In-Person training.  All materials to conduct the training are available at the UIC CCTS website. C&C staff are also available to facilitate an In-Person training, please contact Anna Thornton Matos ( for more information.


Pilot Funding Opportunities - not currently available

Periodic funding opportunities are offered to support and promote interdisciplinary collaboratives by providing pilot funding for a Team Science Translational Research Project that addresses a particular health issue or problem facing the local community. Funded teams will include investigators from more than one discipline and include a minimum of one engaged stakeholder.


National Cancer Institute Team Science Field Guide


National Cancer Institute Team Science Toolkit

The Team Science Toolkit is a user-generated collection of information and resources that support the practice and study of team science.


The Science of Team Science Listserv

The listserv provides an open forum for subscribers to share information relevant to the practice and study of team science.


INSciTS Team Science Resources

INSciTS is an international member-based organization of team science and the Science of Team Science (SciTS).  Some resources are available to individuals not belonging to organization. was developed by Northwestern University as an online resource for researchers engaging in team science. It features learning modules to enhance understanding and skill development in the area of team science.


Team Scholarship Acceleration Lab

The Team Scholarship Acceleration Lab from the University of California Irvine describes the challenges in team scholarship offers solutions and provides resources to address these challenges.

Communication and Coordination Tools