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In the past year, the Case Cardiovascular Research Institute has seen a large increase in extramural funding. Currently, benchtop researchers hold a total of 19 NIH awards; 13 R01 grants, six career development awards (K-level awards from NIH), as well as a T32 training grant. Researchers also hold a significant number of industry and foundation awards. Most recently, three researchers in the CVRI received additional AHA funding in the past month. Total grant support for CVRI researchers currently exceeds $35 million. 

Funding per year

With a stellar research and training portfolio in place, researchers have continued to maintain a strong effort in submitting proposals. In the past month, there were 6-R01 proposals submitted for review. With this high level of participation, it is anticipated that grant support will continue to increase.

In recent news, we would like to congratulate the following grant awardees from Spring 2017:

1. David Sweet, MSTP Student, Jain Lab: Awarded a Pre-Doctoral F30 award

2. Yuyan Shen, Ph.D. Research Associate, Jain Lab: Awarded a National AHA award for her proposal "The role of Neutrophils in Cardiomyopathy"

3. Jixin Zhong, Ph.D., M.D. Assistant Professor: Awarded a National AHA award for his proposal "DPP4-ADA interaction as a metaflammatory target in atherosclerosis therapy"