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In the past year, the mission to provide a strong focus on clinical, translational and basic research has been showcased through growth in extramural research funding at the Case Cardiovascular Research Institute.

Currently, benchtop researchers hold a total of 19 NIH awards; 13 R01 grants, six career development awards (K-level awards from NIH), as well as a T32 training grant. Researchers also hold a significant number of industry and foundation awards. Most recently, three researchers in the CVRI received additional AHA funding in the past month. Total grant support for CVRI researchers currently exceeds $35 million. 

Funding per year

In recent news, we would like to congratulate the following grant awardees from Spring 2017:

1. David Sweet, MSTP Student, Jain Lab: Awarded a Pre-Doctoral F30 award

2. Yuyan Shen, Ph.D. Research Associate, Jain Lab: Awarded a National AHA award for her proposal "The role of Neutrophils in Cardiomyopathy"

3. Jixin Zhong, Ph.D., M.D. Assistant Professor: Awarded a National AHA award for his proposal "DPP4-ADA interaction as a metaflammatory target in atherosclerosis therapy"

4. Sanjay Rajagopalan, M.D. Division Chief of Cardiology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Director of the Case Cardiovascular Research Institute: Awarded an R01 from the National Institute of Health for his proposal "ASPIRE: Air Pollution: Strategies for Personalized Intervention to Reduce Exposure" 

5. Lihua Duan, M.D. Ph.D. Post-doctoral Researcher, Zhong Lab: Awarded a Fellowship with the American Institutute of Immunologists for his proposal "Regulatory Role of DPP4-ADA Interaction"