Diversity + Inclusion

The Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine aspires to be an inclusive environment, believing the creative energy and variety of insights that result from diversity are a vital component of the intellectual rigor and social fabric of the university.

As a scholarly community, our School of Medicine is inclusive of all people of all racial, ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, national and international backgrounds, welcoming diversity of thought, pedagogy, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, political affiliation and disability.

Read the statements below from our various programs.

The Office of MD Admissions

"The goal of our admissions process is to further the mission of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, which includes excellence in medical education, discoveries in translational science, and improving community health. To best meet the needs of the diverse populations in Ohio and beyond, and to achieve the goals of the institution, the School of Medicine's admissions process uses a balanced and holistic approach that considers an applicant's academic metrics, experiences, and personal attributes in order to achieve the educational benefits of a diverse student body and future physician work force.

The Admissions Committee also recognizes that many applicants who are underrepresented in medicine come from geographically, socioeconomically, and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, and that people from these backgrounds are more likely to eventually serve disadvantaged, underserved and marginalized populations. As such, our admissions selection approach also encourages consideration of disadvantaged status, as broadly defined, in the decision-making process."

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

"Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine is committed to achieving diversity in research and educational programs. Reinforcing this institution-wide commitment, the MSTP welcomes applications from diverse individuals, including those from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in biomedical science and medicine, those with physical disabilities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

If you would like to contact a student representative of the CWRU MSTP, see our Ask a Student page."

The Graduate Programs

"Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine has a strong commitment to the importance of diversity in its research and educational programs. The CWRU community celebrates how our individual diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, sexual orientation or gender identity enhance our work together. CWRU programs welcome applications from diverse individuals, including those from individuals of racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in biomedical science, those with physical disabilities, and those with disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Graduate Education Office seeks to enhance recruitment of diverse students to the PhD programs at the SOM and to ensure their success. The Minority Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) formed in 2001 to foster a student group identity and shared values. MGSO meetings each month cover many issues including the experiences of the students in research.

We offer several developmental programs for diverse individuals in biomedical science, including the Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP), which provides an outstanding preparatory environment for students who feel additional preparation in research is needed to fulfill their goal of earning a PhD in the biomedical sciences."