Student Organizations

Biomedical Graduate Student Organization

The Biomedical Graduate Student Organization (BGSO) seeks to unite biomedical graduate students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees in various biomedical graduate programs in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, with the ultimate goal of enriching the student experience and promoting career and professional development.

BGSO was created by biomedical graduate students to represent and address the unique needs of all biomedical graduate students at Case Western Reserve University. In discussions with students, we have identified many important issues affecting student quality of life and educational training. Another concern among students is that information is not always adequately communicated to students. BGSO will work with students and administrators to improve awareness about issues via newsletters, student survival guides, and relevant seminars.

Biomedical graduate students would also like to see a greater emphasis on career and professional development during their training at this university. Traditionally, graduate students could anticipate a career in academia upon completion of graduate and post-doctoral training. Graduate training as it is currently conducted is predicated upon this career goal. However, due in part to the abundance of well-trained graduates and the dearth of available academic positions, newly minted PhDs must seek careers outside of academia that often require broader technical and professional skills. As an example, many jobs in biotechnology require clinical research experience that graduate students do not acquire during their training.

Many students are unaware of how to prepare for careers in or outside of academia. There are occasional career seminars that address these issues, but we students feel that more can be done. BGSO will work with students and the administration to promote career and professional development via the BGSO website and newsletter, career seminars, and perhaps also an annual career fair and symposium.

What We Do

  • Promote greater career and professional development
  • Promote more interaction between graduates and professionals of the School of Medicine
  • Ease the transition into graduate school by creating a "survival guide"

Highlights include:

  • Hosted the following professional development seminars - "Funding 101: Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students", "Scientific Journalism", "Life as a Forensic Scientist", "Planning Your Graduate Years and the Individual Development Plan", "A Day in the Life of a Biotech Scientist"
  • Hosted three New Student Acclimation Luncheons - "Everything You Need to Know About Research Rotations and Surviving C3MB", "Surviving Grad School", and "Choosing a Thesis Lab and Department"
  • The Community Outreach & Volunteering Committee participated in the following events - Homeless Stand Down 2010 through InterAct Cleveland, School Supplies Drive, and teaching a DNA Lab to underprivileged girls at an inner city middle school in conjunction with WISER, Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable
  • Social events included a party at Howl at the Moon, a pasta dinner social, and group outing to Wicked

Minority Graduate Student Organization

The Minority Graduate Student Organization (MGSO) was formed in 2001 to foster student group identity and shared values. The MGSO meets once a month to discuss members' research experiences and future goals. We also invite faculty to discuss their research and career development.

To learn more about our programs, see our Diversity + Inclusion page.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the university-wide governing body from all graduate students at CWRU. They have a variety of ways to get involved, and have many programs throughout the year dedicated to the experience and development of graduate students.

For more information on their activities and programs, visit the GSC website.