INTH 4002: Elective in Tropical Pathogens

Days & Times: 

Sessions 1:00-3:00 on Mondays starting Feb 5, 2018, and ending Mar 19, 2018


Biomedical Research Building 433 Conference Room in the Global Health West Administrative Offices


4/6 classes attended, class participation, pre-class reading and preparation will be expected. There is a final self-assessment exam No credit given for Type A electives, but the elective is required for those considering a Certificate in Global Health. Paperwork is being processed to permit this elective to be included on the Medical School transcript.


The objective is to supplement the medical school curriculum for diseases common to the tropics. The elective is not designed to be exhaustive, but to introduce the major categories of pathogens, their epidemiology, their clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. The selection of pathogens and the time devoted to them is based on our interest and how well they are coverage elsewhere rather than their absolute impact. The elective is 6 weeks long. There will be one 2 h session per week starting at 1:00 in BRB 433, the Center for Global Health Conference room. The last session with microscopy may require 3 h. The elective will be mainly didactic, but some sessions may require student presentation or discussion.


(Will require prior reading, and all text should be available on the Center for Global Health and Diseases’ website under “Training and Funding>Courses.”)

Date Topics Presenters
Week 1 (Feb 5)

Pathogens overview

Vector biology:  Principals & Players

Hemorrhagic fever viruses

Ron Blanton
Week 2 (Feb 12) Apicomplexa (malaria) Arlene Dent
Week 3 (Feb 19)


  • Schistosomiasis
  • Flukes
Charlie King
Week 4 ( Feb 26)


  • Tapeworms
  • Cysticercosis
  • Hydatid
Ron Blanton
Week 5 (Mar 5)


  • Geohelminths (hookworm et al.)
  • Filaria (elephantiasis et al.)
Dan Tisch
Week 6 (Mar 19)


  • Sample collection Microscopy
  • Helminths
Ron Blanton
ID fellows?

Note: Kinetoplasts (leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis) are not covered, but we may schedule an extra session for these.