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The Career Opportunities for Trainees Series (COTS)

This professional development series is designed to introduce trainees to the array of career paths that are available to PhD biomedical researchers. Local, regional, and national leaders as speakers or panel discussants are invited to present each semester. Presentations include information on the speaker’s career trajectory, their daily activities, and a description of additional training necessary for entering each career path. Major advantages and disadvantages of the career choice are also discussed. These sessions are often followed by an informal networking event allowing trainees to interact with the speaker and each other in a more informal setting.

The Professional Enrichment for Trainees Series (PETS)

The SOM Graduate Education Office hosts the PETS which focuses on developing core competencies of leadership, entrepreneurship, communication skills, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, teamwork and other key areas. This noon luncheon series is held monthly, together with the COTS (described above), for all graduate students and postdoctoral trainees in the SOM, though it often attracts participants from across the entire campus. The format is generally a presentation by faculty experts or a panel discussion among several faculty. A large emphasis is placed on audience discussion and participation throughout the session.

The Pre-Professional Health Seminar Series 

This seminar series is geared for students who plan to go on to medical school, dental school or other allied health professions. Through workshops and seminars, we can help you make these applications less intimidating and you more prepared.

MGRD 425: Leadership and Professional Development Skills for Biomedical Sciences

MGRD 425 was designed to give graduate students in the biomedical and health sciences an opportunity to reflect on their professional skills and develop skills in the area of leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. This course is typically offered each semester. It is a zero credit course that meets once a week. 

Graduate Professional Development Center

The Graduate Professional Development Center was created to provide professional development resources and programs for graduate students and postdocs. The center collaborates with CWRU schools and departments to provide these services.

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The Northern Ohio AGEP Alliance

The Northern Ohio AGEP Alliance (NOA-AGEP) is an alliance of seven northern Ohio universities developed to ensure that underrepresented minority (URM) students receive additional support and professional development.

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