The Keri Lab resides in the Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Our mission is to provide key research findings in breast cancer disease for the scientific community and to train the next generation of scientists. We provide care for each other and are open to collaboration with other lab families. We are fortunate to collaborate with other labs regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our research is driven by curiosity. This curiosity has allowed us to be open to various biological fields in understanding breast cancer. Traditionally, we are known for investigating the roles of essential transcription factors in mammary gland development and carcinogenesis. Throughout the years we have also expanded to investigating drug cocktails for treating breast cancer and understanding epigenetic regulation in breast cancer.

Aside from research, we are also focused on training students and postdocs to become valuable members in the scientific community. The Department of Pharmacology and the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center inform us on the latest discoveries in pharmacology and oncology through seminars, respectively. In house, lab members are required to present their latest research (lab meeting) and present a key research article in breast cancer (journal club). Lastly, all members are highly encouraged to attend and present in regional, national and international conferences and apply for funding provided by various sponsors. Altogether, these activities provide the Keri Lab knowledge and opportunities to exercise their scientific minds.