Bryan Webb

Bryan Webb in his white coat.

Medical Scientist Training Program Student

216.368.5924 (o)

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but spent a lot of my time in Temple, Texas. I have been involved in science in some capacity since high school where I saw science as a refuge where I was completely overwhelmed by all of the knowledge. Motivated by an infatuation with science and medicine, I majored in biochemistry at Washington University in St. Louis. Since I had trouble choosing just one path for education, I chose to pursue both an MD and a PhD. Currently, I am in the PhD phase of the program. I enjoy reading, building computers and trying to believe in my results.

Current Research Activities

  • Identifying epigenetic modifications that define breast cancer
  • Determining epigenetic modifications that control cell cycle progression

Professional/Volunteer Activities

  • 7/2014–9/2014: Histology Teachers Aid at CWRU School of Medicine
  • 9/2015–Present: Member, Biomedical Graduate Student Organization, CWRU School of Medicine
  • 9/2015–Present: Member, Medical Scientist Training Program Student Council


  • Quantification of cardiac fiber orientation using optical coherence tomography Fleming CP, Ripplinger CM, Webb B, Efimov IR, Rollins AM J Biomed Opt. 2008 May
  • CD133+ cells contribute to radioresistance via altered regulation of DNA repair genes in human lung cancer cells Desai A, Webb B, Gerson SL Radiotherapy Oncology 2014 March