Darcie Seachrist, PhD

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Research Assistant


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My career in basic science research began at the University of Akron, where I studied the link between stress, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. After a short stint working at a small biotech company researching the efficacy of a complement inhibitor in cardiac reperfusion injury, I returned to academia as a research assistant at CWRU. I began my tenure in the Pharmacology Department working for Dr. John Nilson, studying the role of pituitary development and tumorigenesis. I have since expanded my research focus to include breast development and cancer under the mentorship of Dr. Ruth Keri and have been a member of her lab for more than cajillion years.

Current Research Activities

  • Identification of the genetic mutation underlying the nipple dysmorphia and amastia phenotype in an extended family.
  • Elucidation of the transcription factors critical for stem cell properties in normal breast development and cancer.
  • Determination of metastasis suppressors utilizing mouse models of breast cancer.

Professional/Volunteer Activities

  • 2017: Student Invited Seminar Speakers Co-chair
  • 2015: Mammary Stem Cell Workshop; STEM CELL, Vancouver, California
  • 2015: Great Lakes Breast Cancer Symposium
  • 2014: Pharmacology Preliminary Exam I Committee
  • 2010: Society for the Study of Reproduction Conference


  • 2018: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award; Department of Pharmacology Annual Research Symposium
  • 2018: Distinguished Trainee Poster Award; Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Annual Retreat
  • 2018: Biomedical Graduate Student Organization Student of the Month
  • 2017: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award; Department of Pharmacology Annual Research Symposium
  • 2017: Department of Pharmacology Graduate Student Letter of Commendation
  • 2017: First Place Poster Presentation Award; University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
  • 2016: Outstanding Oral Presentation Award; Department of Pharmacology Annual Research Symposium
  • 2016: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award; Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Annual Retreat
  • 2016: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award; Biomedical Graduate Student Symposium
  • 2015: Outstanding Poster Presentation Award; Department of Pharmacology Annual Research Symposium
  • 2015: Nathan S. Greenfield Family Travel Award; Department of Pharmacology
  • 2002: Research Assistant of the Year; Department of Pharmacology


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