Kristen Weber Bonk

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Research Assistant

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I was born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio. I attended Kent State and Cleveland State for my BS and graduated CWRU with a Master of Science. I began working with Dr. Keri when she was still a post doctoral student in the laboratory of Dr. John Nilson. I have worked for her since the establishment of her lab and I have never been allowed to leave. Throughout the years, I have worked on a number of projects that have honed my skills in a variety mouse surgical techniques. This has led to my current position as manager of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Athymic Core Facility, as well as working in the Keri lab. I enjoy spending with my kids and family, knitting and playing roller derby as a member of the Burning River Roller Girls.

Current Research Activities

  • Evaluation of the efficacy of novel therapeutics and drug combinations in murine models of breast cancer.
  • Manager of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Athymic Core Facility


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