Postdocs, Scholars, Research Associates & Research Scientists

Research Associate, Senior Research Associate & Research Scientist Information

Research Associates/Senior Research Associates are appointed positions that typically require a PhD, MD or another terminal doctoral degree in the field. In exceptional circumstances, the degree requirement may be satisfied by having sufficient additional years of research experience. To be eligible for a Senior Research Associate position, the individual must hold a terminal degree and have a minimum of three years of post-graduate research experience. A final factor in eligibility for Senior Research/Research Associate appointments is a position requirement for highly specialized skills or scientific responsibilities of an extremely advanced nature. The department sponsoring a new Research Associate/Senior Research Associate must get permission to begin a search and then conduct an open search, requiring at minimum a local position announcement open to the public for five business days.

For further details concerning the appointment of Research Associates/Senior Research Associates, please refer to the Research Associate, Senior Research Associate, Research Scientist Policy & Procedures.

For forms related to Research Associates, Senior Research Associates and Research Scientists, please see the Forms and Additional Information page.

Postdoctoral Fellows & Scholars Information

Charles E. Rozek, Vice Provost and Dean, together with Diana Fox, Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, generates letters of appointment for SOM postdoctoral fellows and postdoctoral scholars. In order to receive a dean's letter of appointment, please submit a postdoc appointment through the Student Information System (SIS) electronic postdoc appointment system.

This system allows for all appointment information and documentation (including visa, CV, diploma, and other documents) to be submitted electronically through SIS. It will also allow for electronic approval flow, all the way to the Immigration & HR Services Office (if applicable). Please go to the Postdoctoral Affairs website for details.

Do not send any part of the visa application for postdoctoral fellows and postdoctoral scholars to the Faculty Affairs office. You can submit a personal data form (pd) when entering an appointment in the SIS post-doc appointment system or submit a personal data form (pd) and copy of the dean's letter of appointment directly to Patty Urbon, Faculty Affairs and Human Resources Office, in order to place a SOM post-doc fellow or scholar on CWRU payroll.