Basic Science Year – Summer Semester I (8) 
ANES 440 Patient Monitoring and Instrumentation I
ANES 460 Introduction to Anesthesia
ANES 461 Orientation to Clinical Experience (Basic Life Support Certification)
ANES 485 Introduction to Physiological Model-Based Simulation
Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 120 hours  


Basic Science Year – Fall Semester I (15)
ANES 403 Cardiac Electrophysiology
ANES 456 Applied Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I
ANES 462 Anesthesia Clinical Correlation I
ANES 463 Anesthesia Clinical Experience I (Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification)
ANES 475 Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I
ANES 480 Fundamentals of Anesthetic Sciences I
ANES 486 Physiological Model-Based Simulation I
ANES 488 Anesthesia Non-Technical Skills Lab
Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 180 hours  


Basic Science Year – Spring Semester I (17)
ANES 441 Patient Monitoring and Instrumentation II
ANES 458 Applied Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants II
ANES 464 Anesthesia Clinical Correlation II
ANES 465 Anesthesia Clinical Experience II (Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification)
ANES 476 Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants II
ANES 477 Clinical Decision Making in Anesthesia
ANES 481 Fundamentals of Anesthetic Sciences II
ANES 487 Physiological Model-Based Simulation II
Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 260 hours  


Clinical Year – Summer Semester II (6)
ANES 467 ANES 467 – Anesthesia Clinical Experience III
ANES 490 Ethics, Law and Diversity for Anesthesiologist Assistants
Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 413 hours  


Clinical Year – Fall Semester II (11)
 ANES 468 Anesthesia Clinical Correlation III 
 ANES 469 Anesthesia Clinical Experience IV
 ANES 580 Fundamentals of Anesthetic Sciences III
 ANES 584 Physiological Model-Based Simulation III
 Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 511 hours  


Clinical Year – Spring Semester II (11)
ANES 470 Anesthesia Clinical Correlation IV
ANES 471 Anesthesia Clinical Experience V
ANES 581 Fundamentals of Anesthetic Sciences IV
ANES 585 Physiological Model-Based Simulation IV
Minimum Clinical Experience Required = 516 hours  
Total Credits (Basic Science Year) 40  
Total Credits (Clinical Year) 28  


Total Credits for the Program 68
Total Clinical Hours Required (Basic Science Year) 560
Total Clinical Hours Required (Clinical Year) 1,440
Total Clinical Hours Required for the Program 2,000