Master of Science in Anesthesia Tuition and Fees

The 2022–2023 School Year

CWRU faculty and staff are working diligently to provide courses in modalities that will enable all students to continue to move toward completing their degree and achieving their academic goals. Regardless of the learning environment, the tuition and fees will be the same. The tuition and fees are in exchange for learning, academic credit, and certain non-academic services that will be provided whether in person, in a hybrid environment, or entirely remotely, and tuition and fees amounts will remain the same in the event the mode of course delivery changes during the semester.

First-year Students

Semester Dollar Amount
Summer 2022 $22,668
Fall 2022 $22,668
Spring 2023 $22,668
Total First Year $68,004

Second-year Students

Semester Dollar Amount
Summer 2022 $22,668
Fall 2022 $22,668
Spring 2023 $22,668
Total Second Year $68,004


Total Tuition $136,008

Student Fees

Activity Fee: $20 per semester (excludes summer)

Student Medical Plan Fee:1 $3,306 annually or $1,653 per semester

One to One Fitness Membership Fee:2

  • $133 + tax for Fall 2022
  • $166 + tax for Spring 2023
  • Summer 2023: first year students receive Summer with Fall 2022 enrollment, and returning Summer with Spring 2022 enrollment

Graduate Student Council Fee: $15 per semester (excludes summer)

RTA Transportation Fee:3 $60 per semester (excludes summer)

This fee may be eligible for waiver if you have comparable health insurance coverage. Visit the Student Medical Plan page for waiver criteria and instructions to waive this fee. Waiver will apply to both fall and spring semesters.

Students may opt-out of the fitness plan on a semester-by-semester basis.

This fee is only charged to students at the Cleveland location.