The platform consists of specific hardware, represented by state-of-the art equipment for automated stem cell culturing and also includes a dedicated innovation platform for determining process-specific parameter optimization. It offers computer-based experimental designs executed for advanced cell culture and it greatly reduces the number of experiments and time otherwise needed for running one-factor-at-a-time experiments to optimize a large number of variables.

OA-Express Services:

  • OA-Express cards are configured with 48 samples/array and 56 genes/sample or 24 samples/array and 112 genes/sample (3 hours, $2K-$15K) - Usage of Quantstudio in genetic testing and gene expression analysis OA-Express services are useful for:
    • Industrial discovery and development research
    • Industry, quality assurance applications
    • Cell culture batch production monitoring
    • Preclinical expression of cells in animal studies
    • Gene expression and genotyping analysis

Optimization Services:

  • Full-Suite Optimization Project: minimum of 60,000 custom data points and complete modeling service
  • Partial Optimization Project: good for preliminary data, exploration, and initial testing with or without Quantstudio analysis
  • Perturbation Media Preparation and Delivery: customer receives 96 well deep plate perturbation matrix (PM) for the users own cells and analysis
  • Fee-for-service experimental design and MVDA analysis

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