Four Career Pathways

What Can You Do with Your Masters in Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship?

Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing area of study that has applications in numerous careers. From law to research, there truly are a plethora of opportunities available to students who graduate with an RGME degree from Case Western Reserve University.


Advanced Education

One of the most common applications of this degree is advancement into higher education. Students in the Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship program garner skills and knowledge during their studies to enable them to succeed in a wide variety of institutions, including Medical schools, and PhD programs. To this end, a degree in RGME can lead to careers in clinical work, research in both academia and industry, or even a professorship.



The rapid pace of growth and research within the novel field of Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship highlights the need for knowledgeable researchers. Through the Master's program here at Case Western, students will conduct, report, and share research in order to set themselves up for success in the world of academia or the industry.


Business Management

The focus that the RGME program places on entrepreneurship lays strong foundations in leadership and innovation in order to help students succeed in the business side of healthcare. A Masters in Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship will enable students interested in the business sector to develop careers in manufacturing regulations, compliance, Good Manufacturing Practices, or Investigational New Drugs.



A Masters in Regenerative Medicine & Entrepreneurship can also lead to a successful legal career. The skills obtained from this degree program regarding ethics and research will support any student interested in Intellectual Property, commercialization principles, innovation and development, FDA, or even Patent Law.