Recent Graduates


Lauren Donovan

September 2019

Congratulations to Lauren Donovan of  Deneris lab for receiving her Doctor's degree in Neurosciences!


Lauren is a potdocotral fellow in Vivianne Tawfik's lab at Stanford University.

Edward Cui

May 2019

Congratulations to Edward Cui of Strowbridge lab for receiving his Doctor's degree in Neurosciences!

Taylor Jay

 May 2019

Congratulations to Taylor Jay of Gary Landreth and Bruce Lamb lab for receiving her Doctor's degree in Neurosciences!

Taylor is a postdoc at the Vollum Institute at OHSU in Marc Freeman's lab.


April 2019 

Congratulations to Colleen McLaughlin of Broihier lab for receiving her Doctor‘s degree in Neurosciences!


Colleen is now a postdoctoral fellow in Liqun Luo's lab at Stanford University.