Surgical Rehearsal Platform

Neurosurgeon using surgical rehearsal simulator

Neurosurgeons at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center have helped develop a surgical rehearsal simulator that allows for interactive run-throughs of brain surgeries prior to complex procedures -- such as microsurgery for clipping brain aneurysms.

Led by Dr. Warren R. Selman and developed by Cleveland-based Surgical Theater LLC, the Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP) uploads and transforms medical images, such as CT and MRI scans, into life-like, dynamic and interactive 3D models SRP enables surgeons to plan and rehearse surgeries by seeing and interacting with an accurate replica of what they would experience when operating on the patient.

The virtual tissues and blood vessels react realistically to actions taken by the surgeon, allowing the surgeon to make critical decisions in a risk-free environment before entering the operating room. The SRP also allows surgeons in different locations to connect virtually, share best practices and jointly perform a virtual surgery in a collaborative surgical theater.