Roseanna Lechner, MD

Clinical Instructor
Department of Neurological Surgery
School of Medicine

Research Information

Research Interests

Spinal Neurosurgery

External Appointments

Division Chief, Neurological Surgery
UH Ahuja Medical Center
Clinical Instructor of Neurological Surgery
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center


Atlantooccipital dislocation in children: presentation, diagnosis, and management. Steinmetz MP, Lechner RM, Anderson JS.  Neurosurg Focus. 2003 Feb 15;14(2):ecp1. Review.  PMID: 15727431

 Dual-strap augmentation of a halo orthosis in the treatment of atlantooccipital dislocation in infants and young children. Technical note. Steinmetz MP, Verrees M, Anderson JS, Lechner RM. J Neurosurg. 2002 Apr;96(3 Suppl):346-9.   PMID:  11990846


Doctor of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University


General Surgery
Case Western Reserve University
Neurological Surgery
Case Western Reserve University