Neurosurgery Graduation

Event Date
June 23, 2018 - 5:00 PM

The Neurosurgery graduation dinner was held on Saturday, June 23rd.   Drs. Fernando Alonso, Efrem Cox and Gabriel Smith were honored for their completion of the Neurosurgery residency program.   Dr. Alonso will be joining Kaiser Permanente in San Diego.   Dr. Cox will spend the next year performing a Spinal Neurosurgery Fellowship at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami Health System.  Dr. Smith will be joining our practice at the beginning of August. 


We also celebrated the completion of several fellowships:  Dr. James Wright completed an enfolded fellowship in Neurocritical Care under the direction of Dr. Alan Hoffer; Dr. Osmond Wu completed an enfolded fellowship in Spinal Neurosurgery under the direction of Dr. Manish Kasliwal; Dr. Thomas Ostergard completed a fellowship in the Minimally Invasive Skull Base Laboratory with Dr. Bambakidis.   Dr. Chad Glenn completed a post-graduate fellowship in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Neurosurgery under the direction of Dr. Bambakidis and will return to the University of Oklahoma as an Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery.   Dr. Simone Dekker was honored for her accomplishments as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Minimally Invasive Skills Laboratory. She is applying for a residency in general medicine.