Four School of Medicine employees receive Staff Awards for 2018 - 2019

School of Medicine Staff Award winners

As we begin the year 2020 at the School of Medicine, we are very pleased to congratulate four employees who were honored with Staff Awards for 2018 - 2019. These accolades celebrate those who not only have consistently performed their duties in an outstanding manner, but regularly operate with an exemplary attitude and support for their colleagues and their department.

Michelle Yanick, Director of Administration and Finance, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, was honored with the Joan Harris Staff Recognition Award for her overall excellence on the job, her accomplished leadership, humanistic approach to work and distinguished service to our school. This award, named in honor of Joan Harris, formerly associate dean for faculty affairs to Dean Robbins in the 1960's, is given annually to a staff member who exemplifies the very best work ethic and demeanor, day in and day out. Tom LaFramboise, her boss, summed up her work, saying, "Michelle has long been the heart and soul of our department, and my team and I are so pleased she has won this long-overdue honor."

Morley Schwebel, Director of Administration Operations, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, received the STAR Award, given to a staff member who routinely demonstrates support of others, displays a team-oriented approach, and exhibits a deep respect for colleagues. A single pillar that supports the entire department, "Morley's soft-spoken support of our faculty, staff and students, and commitment to maintaining our entire department's business is what allows us to host such a wide variety of programs and services for our school and the entire university community."

The Staff Diversity Award was given to Tuesday Gibson, Department Assistant to the Cleveland Institute of Computational Biology, for her inclusiveness, energy and positive attitude, making everyone from students to professors, feel like they are part of the team. Anita Zaremba, her colleague, said, "There isn't anyone working with Tuesday who doesn't see her helpful and caring side on a regular basis." Tuesday recognizes the diverse backgrounds of her co-workers and proactively makes them feel included.

Last but not least, Eswar Shankar, Research Scientist for the Urology Department for University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center was honored with the Staff Mentor Award for exceptional colleague mentoring, supporting his team's professional growth and development while establishing a channel of phenomenal talent. He provides exceptional support to new faculty, staff and students, quickly discerning their needs and enthusiastically demonstrates complete involvement in training his department's newly joined staff. Sanjay Gupta, Eswar's boss said, "He has made such a positive difference in our department, exemplifies the mission of the university and positively impacts the people of our community."

Again, congratulations to Michelle, Morley, Tuesday and Eswar for their extraordinary commitment and service to the School of Medicine.