SYBB MS Degree Requirements

The minimum requirements for the master’s degree are 21 semester hours of course work plus a thesis equivalent to at least 9 semester hours of registration for 30 hours total. These must include:

  • SYBB 501 Biomedical Informatics and Systems Biology Journal Club*
  • 9 hours of SYBB 651 Thesis MS
  • SYBB 412 Survey of Bioinformatics: Programming for Bioinformatics
  • SYBB 459 Bioinformatics for Systems Biology
  • SYBB 555 Current Proteomics

The curriculum plan must be approved by the program steering committee and include appropriate coverage of the core competencies in genes and proteins, bioinformatics, and quantitative modeling and analysis. At least 18 semester hours of course work, in addition to thesis hours, must be at the 400-level or higher.

Each student must prepare an individual thesis that must conform to regulations concerning format, quality, and time of submission as established by the dean of graduate studies as well as conforming to the SYBB program guidelines. For completion of a master’s degree, an oral examination (defense) of the master’s thesis is required, where the examination is conducted by a committee of at least three members of the university faculty.

*Registration each semester in SYBB 501 is required for all students in the SYBB graduate program.