New Offerings

New Nutrition Courses - Fall 2018

NTRN 200 Case Cooks: Ethnic Eats
No Prerequisites
This half-semester cooking class focuses on exploring cultural diversity in a way that everyone can relate to while also incorporating healthy, simple, budget friendly cooking skills. Course is geared towards the beginner skill level.

NTRN 300 Healthy Lifestyles as Preventative Medicine I
No Prerequisites
This course will focus on learning the key components of these healthy lifestyle principles and developing the skills necessary to practice and advocate a healthy lifestyle.

New Undergrad Offerings in Nutrition

Minor in Sports Nutrition

Nutrition majors are NOT eligible for this minor.

Course Name Units

NTRN 201 

Nutrition  (Fall, Spring)

NTRN 361 

Energy Dysregulation: From Obesity to Anorexia (Spring)

NTRN 362 

Exercise Physiology and Macronutrient Metabolism (Fall and summer)

NTRN 388 

Seminar in Sports Nutrition  (Spring)


One NTRN elective at 300 level

Total Units 




Minor in Nutrition

Nutrition majors are not eligible for this minor. Non Nutrition majors may only take one minor: either Minor in Nutrition or Minor in Sports Nutrition.

Name Course Units

NTRN 201 

Nutrition (Fall, Spring)

NTRN 328 

Child Nutrition, Development and Health (Fall)

NTRN 342 

Food Science (Fall)

NTRN 343 

Dietary Patterns (Spring)


Two NTRN elective at 300 level

Total Units