BA Human Nutrition

Program Focus

The BA in Nutrition differs from the BS in Nutrition in 1 aspect: it does not require Principles of Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 113) or Statistics.

This degree program offers the opportunity to study the Science of Nutrition in a more flexible way than the BS program. It is particularly well-suited for students who wish to complete a double major, or who are interested in a dual-degree program.

Required Courses

Course Number Course Description Credits
NTRN 201 Nutrition 3
NTRN 343 Dietary Patterns 3
NTRN 363 Human Nutrition I: Energy, Protein, Minerals 3
NTRN 364 Human Nutrition II: Vitamins 3
NTRN 397 SAGES Capstone Proposal Seminar 3
NTRN 398 SAGES Senior Capstone Experience 3
Total Credits   18

Three Nutrition Electives

*At 300 level

Course Number Course Description Credits
NTRN 300 Healthy Lifestyles as Preventive Medicine 3
NTRN 328 Child Nutrition, Development and Health 3
NTRN 338 Dietary Supplements 3
NTRN 341 Food as Medicine: How what we eat influences how we feel, think, and our health status 3
NTRN 351 Food Service Systems Management 3
NTRN 359 Diabetes Prevention and Management 3
NTRN 360 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis 3
NTRN 361 Energy Dysregulation: From Obesity to Anorexia 3
NTRN 365 Nutrition for the Prevention and Management of Disease: Pathophysiology 4
NTRN 366 Nutrition for the Prevention and Management of Disease: Clinical Applications 3
NTRN 367 Nutrition Strategies and Wellness Programming 3
NTRN 371 Special Problems* 3
NTRN 388 Seminar in Sports Nutrition 3
NTRN 390 Undergraduate Research* 3

Additional Required Courses

Course Number Course Description Credits
CHEM 105 Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHEM 106 Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHEM 223 Introductory Organic Chemistry I 3
BIOC 307 Introduction to Biochemistry: From Molecules to Medical Science 4
BIOL 214 Genes, Evolution and Ecology 3
BIOL 216
or BIOL 340
&  BIOL 346
Development and Physiology
Human Physiology
Human Anatomy


BIOL 216L Development and Physiology Lab 1
  • Only one of these courses is permitted.
  • 400 level Nutrition courses require instructor consent for undergraduates to enroll.
Total Units:   49

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