Dannielle Skander


Portrait of a smiling woman with long brown hair outside in the sun.

MS in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, Class of 2019

Prior Education: California University of Pennsylvania, Mathematics

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Nationality: United States

Why I Chose the SYBB MS Program at CWRU

After completing my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to enter a field that would build upon my love for math. SYBB allowed me to explore my interests and use data to learn more about genes. The SYBB program at Case is special because of the strong relationships between the students and instructors. My professors are warm and welcoming, and they have offered me a number of opportunities to take part in their research. These research projects have provided valuable hands on experience, making me feel prepared and excited to start my career.

Life in Cleveland

When I am not working on my thesis, I like to explore different parts of Cleveland. Transportation is very accessible, and I find it easy to find parking around the city, whether it be on-campus or downtown. There are many places to go, from restaurants and shopping malls to sports games. I like that our Uptown campus allows me to focus on my school work, but there is no shortage of things to do when I need a break.