The Center for Systems Immunology


The Center for Systems Immunology (CSI) integrates current efforts in basic research and validated pre-clinical models and clinical trials in Infection Diseases, Immunotherapy of Cancer and in autoimmune diseases.  The center is a world-class academic multidisciplinary structure focused on the development, implementation, and integration of systems immunology efforts at Case Western Reserve University. 

The Center connects basic science to systems biology, and its major focus is on areas of translational significance. It develops faculty and programmatic resources in Systems Immunology and enables discovery science providing a foundation to develop hypothesis-driven grant-supported research programs, to develop clinical and public health interventions.

The CSI is in the Department of Pathology and collaborates with the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Center for Systems Biology, Global Health, The Cardiovascular Research Institute, The Center for Aids Research, University Hospitals, The Cleveland Clinic and the University of Cincinnati. Seven faculty positions will be open over the next five years, for basic and clinical research. CSI provides training to graduate and undergraduate students in the area of systems immunology, vaccinology, and bioinformatics.