Susan Pereira Ribeiro, PhD

Senior Instructor
Department of Pathology
School of Medicine

I have been working actively in basic and translational aspects of immunology since 2006. During this period, the broad and granular knowledge I have acquired has been applied to understand HIV infection and cancers. Particularly, I have been focused in pathogenesis, progression and responses to immune therapy in order to discriminate mechanisms that leads to different outcomes in different individuals in different diseases (for example responders and non-responders to immune therapy). I have gained experience and valuable understanding of cellular and molecular aspects of HIV immune pathogenesis and immunotherapies focused on HIV reservoir evaluation, immune-phenotyping and also vaccine development/response assessment and in vitro efficacy of HIV-CAR T cells. Currently, I am leading several HIV and cancer projects (pre-clinical and clinical studies) in immune monitoring. Recently, I have assumed the role of Director of the Immune Monitoring Core in development at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.