Practice-Based Research Training Seminars

This page contains seminars on practice-based research networks (PBRNs).

Please direct questions about presentations to James Werner, PhD at

Jim Werner, PhD presents, "Development of Practice-Based Research Networks."

Watch development video on YouTube

Infrastructure Requirements of PBRNs: Download supplemental materials

Ann Reichsman, MD presented, "Network Development and Maintenance."

Watch "Network Development and Maintenance" on YouTube

Jim Werner, PhD delivered a short presentation, "How Representative are PBRN Practices and Patients?":

Download Werner's PowerPoint | Download Werner's PDF

September 18, 2008: Louise Acheson, MD, MS presented "Web-based family history collection and assessment" and Jim Werner, PhD followed with his presentation "PBRN data collection methods."

Web-based Family History Presentation: Download Acheson's PowerPoint | Download Acheson's PDF

Data Collection Presentation: Download Werner's data-collection PowerPoint | Download Werner's data-collection PDF

Stephen Zyzanski, PhD presents, "Sampling and Nested Data in Practice-Based Research."

Unfortunately, a technical error resulted in a truncated recording. Only the first 30 minutes of this presentation was recorded.

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Presentation: Download Zyzanski's PowerPoint | Download Zyzanski's PDF

Stephen Zyzanski, PhD presents, "Data Analysis in Practice-Based Research."

Presentation: Download Zyzanski's data analysis PowerPoint | Download Zyzanski's data analysis PDF

The seminar for week 7, Funding for PBRN research, was canceled.

Susan A. Flocke, PhD and Kurt C. Stange, MD PhD presented, "Mixing Research Methods: an approach to letting the evolving research question drive a PBRN line of investigation."

Watch Flocke and Stange's presentation on YouTube

Presentation: Download their PowerPoint | Download their PDF

Maghboeba Mosavel, PhD presented, "CBPR and Practice Based Research Networks."

Presentation: Download Mosavel's PDF

Don Goddard, MD presented "Linking quality improvement & clinical research."

Audio: n/a

Presentation: n/a

Chet Fox, MD presented, "PEA to the Rescue: Improving Clinical Practice."

Presentation: Download Fox's PDF

Barbara Daly, PhD, RN, FAAN spoke on IRB, HIPAA; Ethical and practical issues surrounding PBRN research.

Presentation: Download Daly's PowerPoint | Download Daly's PDF

Kurt Stange, MD on the writing, review, and publication process.

Presentation: Download Stange's writing for publication PDF

Colin Drummond, PhD, MBA, director of the Coulter-Case Translational Research Partnership, spoke about his own personal adventures in biomedical engineering and interdisciplinary work.

Presentation: Download Drummond's PDF

Dena Fisher, Case PBRN Shared Resource Practice Enhancement Associate (PEA) interviews Dr. Jim Werner about the Practice-Based Research Network & Cancer Control Research Fellowship at Case Western Reserve University.

Interview date: November 5, 2008.