What is PHAB?

Personalized Health Care

A relationship between a clinician and care team with the individual and family that includes:

  • accessibility as the first contact with the health care system;
  • a comprehensive whole-person approach;
  • coordination of care across setting and integration of care of acute and chronic illnesses, mental health and prevention
  • a sustained partnership over time.

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Healing Environments

Restorative settings and conditions, such as: 

  • trustworthy, invested interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships
  • situations that enable a balance of action and reflection
  • physical space that provides access to nature, light, privacy or positive sensory experience
  • meaningful work or activity

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Responsible, Sustainable Organizations

Organizations that enable health by:

  • following sound environmental procedures;
  • operating with integrity;
  • being accountable to employees, customers, vendors and the communities in which they operate;
  • recognizing the impact of their actions on the physical; emotional and social wellbeing of individuals and communities;
  • developing to meet emerging needs and conditions;

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Healthy Environments

Physical and social surroundings that foster health, such as: 

  • clean air, water and sanitation; 
  • affordable, accessible, nutritious food, especially fruits and vegetables; 
  • safe, affordable, comfortable and pest-free housing; safe, spacious areas for walking; 
  • crime-free neighborhoods and violence-free homes; 
  • economic opportunities; 
  • affordable and available education.

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Other Frontiers

Other Frontiers - work that crosses:

  • disciplines
  • cultures
  • markets
  • peoples
  • ideologies

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