Ruth Siegel, PhD

Professor Emerita
Department of Pharmacology
School of Medicine

Dr. Siegel is an Emerita Professor of Pharmacology. Her previous research focused on the expression and regulation of GABAA  receptor subunits in the developing cerebellum and pons, which are brain regions involved in motor learning and respiratory control. Her research provided some of the earliest demonstrations that multiple subunit subtypes are expressed and that different subunits contribute to receptor diversity across cell populations and brain regions. They also demonstrated that receptor subunit levels are modulated by a variety of stimuli. 

Dr. Siegel currently is involved in providing rigorous training in central nervous system (CNS) pharmacology, both at the functional and molecular levels.  Her teaching is aimed at undergraduate, graduate, and dental students. While much is known about drug actions in the CNS, our understanding of brain function is dynamic and new drugs are continuously being identified. As more is learned about brain circuitry and sites of drug action, our understanding of drug functions and effects are rapidly evolving. Her goal is to convey updated and novel insights into drug dynamics and kinetics in the CNS in both health and disease.