CTS PhD Requirements

Specific curriculum requirements depend on the student’s previous education and training. 

Students with No Existing Advanced Research Degree Prior

The PhD in Clinical Translational Science is a 54 credit hour program:

  • 36 credit hours of coursework, of which a minimum of 24 credit hours must be graded coursework. The 36 credit hours of coursework is broken down as follows:
    • 19 credit hours of required courses – covering four key domains:
      • Clinical and translational theory and practice
      • Research methods
      • Statistical science
      • Professional development and conduct
    • 17 credit hours of electives, of which a minimum of 2 credit hours must be core electives. Electives should be based on the student’s needs and research interests, and approved by the student’s academic advisor
  • 18 credit hours of Dissertation

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Students with an Advanced Research Degree (e.g. MS, MPH, MSN)

Students with a relevant advanced degree must petition the PhD Steering Committee to obtain a waiver for required coursework. For the waiver, the student must submit transcripts showing the course and grade, as well as the syllabus for the course.

Per the School of Graduate Studies, curriculum for individual with relevant advanced degree:

  • Minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework, of which 12 must be graded. The courses used to achieve the 18 credit hours will depend on individual needs and require the academic advisor’s (mentor’s) approval.
  • 18 credit hour of Dissertation

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Students Seeking Dual Degree MD/PhD Through CWRU’s Medical Scientist Training Program and Clinical Translational Science Training Program

Curricula of the two-degree programs are integrated.

Curriculum for Dual-Degree students:

  • 39 credit hours of coursework, as follows:
    • 16 credit hours of required courses (CRSP 401, “Introduction to Clinical Research”, is waived as course material is covered in medical school’s curriculum)
    • 2 credit hours of core electives
    • 6 credit hours of research rotations
    • Up to 18 credit hours of CRSP 601, “Research Practicum”, or electives

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