Erika Trapl, PhD, Appointed as a Fellow in the Academy of Health Behavior

Erika Trapl, PhD

“We are delighted to count Dr. Trapl as a member of the Academy because of her significant record and scientific accomplishments,” said Katie M. Heinrich, PhD, FAAHB, FACSM, AAHB President. “Please join the Academy and me in congratulating Dr. Trapl on achieving an honor that few in our profession earn or receive during their careers.”

The mission of the American Academy of Health Behavior™ is to serve as the research home for health behavior scholars and researchers whose primary commitment is to excellence in research and the application of research to improve public health.

As noted in the recognition statement from the AAHB: The status of Fellow in the American Academy of Health Behavior is conferred as an indication of distinction and is based solely on merit. Fellow confirmation requires a two-thirds majority vote by the Board of Directors. Dr. Trapl was unanimously endorsed.  

The criteria for Fellow status are specific and rigorous and are designed to recognize outstanding contributions to the body of knowledge in health behavior.  Dr. Trapl has distinguished herself by her academic record of publication, grants, and presentations, including the presentation of at least 75 scientific papers at a national or international professional meeting; receiving at least 25 external research grants as a principal investigator or co-principal investigator; and/or receiving at least $1.5 million in external research grants as a principal or co-principal investigator.