Current Residents

Group photo of radiology residents and faculty standing

Class of 2019

Headshot of John Anderson

John Anderson, DO

Academic Interests: Neuroradiology

Hobbies: Swimming, Watching movies, Video games

Headshot of Henry Chen

Henry Chen, MD

Academic Interests: Musculoskeletal, Breast Imaging, MRI

Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Traveling, Restaurants, Hiking

Headshot of Nicholas Conley

Nicholas Conley, MD

Academic Interests: Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal, Medical student/resident education

Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Kayaking, Watching Cleveland sports, Video games

Headshot of Dan DeVincent

Daniel DeVincent, MD

Nuclear Medicine Pathway

Academic Interests: Nuclear Medicine, Abdominal Imaging

Hobbies: Motorcycling, Tennis, Snowboarding

Headshot of Michael Enzerra

Michael Enzerra, MD

Chief Resident

Academic Interests: Liver/pancreas imaging, Resident education

Hobbies: Dog training, Pittsburgh sports, Kurt Vonnegut novels

Headshot of Naivd Faraji

Navid Faraji, MD

Chief Resident

Academic Interests: Musculoskeletal, Medical education, Improving patient communication

Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Reggae, Fantasy Football, Hiking, Going to wineries

Headshot of Frank Kowalkowski

Frank Kowalkowski, DO

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional (Trauma, Oncology)

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Fishing, Golfing, Basketball, Football, Outdoor activities

Headshot of Divia Kumari

Divya Kumari, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Minimally Invasive Palliative Procedures, Women in Radiology

Hobbies: Running, Hiking, Dancing, Food, Watching stand up comedy, Exploring vineyards, World news, Traveling

Headshot of Tyler Richards

Tyler Richards, MD

Chief Resident

Academic Interests: Advanced MRI Brain Tumors, Primary CNS Lymphoma, Education

Hobbies: Traveling, Scuba diving, Snowboarding

Headshot of Hanping Wu

Hanping Wu, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional

Hobbies: Biking, Hiking

Class of 2020

Headshot of Erin Alencherry

Erin Alencherry, MD

Nuclear Medicine Pathway

Academic Interests: Breast Imaging, Nuclear Medicine

Hobbies: Hanging out with my baby, Hiking, Traveling, Social media, Watching The Office

Headshot of Joseph Curcio

Joseph Curcio, DO

Academic Interests: Neuroradiology

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Sports, Poker, Spending time with family and friends

Headshot of Nathan Frantz

Nathan Frantz, DO

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Medical Student/Resident Education

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Golf, Record collecting, Watching Cleveland sports, Playing with my dog

Headshot of Mehrdad Hajmomenian

Mehrdad Hajmomenian, MD

Academic Interests: Muskuloskeletal, Neuroradiology, Abdominal Imaging, Thoracic Imaging

Hobbies: Watching movies, Cycling

Headshot of Farhad Mehrkhani

Farhad Mehrkhani, MD

Academic Interests: Muskuloskeletal, Neuroradiology, Breast Imaging, Research

Hobbies: Soccer, Cinema, Hanging out with friends

Headshot of Elham Najafpour

Elham Najafpour, MD

Academic Interests: Breast Imaging, Medical Student/Resident Education

Hobbies: Taking care of my twin children, Traveling, Baking, Tennis, Swimming, Watercolor painting

Headshot of Saman Panahiour

Saman Panahipour, MD

Academic Interests: Musculoskeletal, Medical Student/Resident Education, Information Technology

Hobbies: Taking my twin boys for a walk, Swimming, Watching movies, Apple Developer

Headshot of Nikolay Shavladze

Nikolay Shavladze, MD

Early Specialization in Intervetional Radiology (ESIR)

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Emergency Radiology

Hobbies: Car stereo systems, Snowboarding, Watches

Headshot of Zubair Syed

Zubair Syed, MD

Academic Interests: Education, Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal, MRI

Hobbies: Chess, Movies, Game of Thrones, Travel

Headshot of Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, MD

Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR)

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional

Hobbies: Traveling, Exploring new foods and recipes, Podcast enthusiast, Golf, Tennis, Jogging, My dog Yoda

Class of 2021

Headshot of Sam Azeze

Sam Azeze, MD, MPH

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Neuroradiology, Medical Physiology

Hobbies: Basketball, Sketching/drawing, Cooking

Headshot of Myroslav Gerasymchuk

Myroslav Gerasymchuk, MD

Academic Interests: Abdominal Imaging

Hobbies: Bonsai, Sports, Board games

Headshot of Elias Kikano

Elias Kikano, MD

Nuclear Medicine Pathway

Informatics Pathway

Academic Interests: Abdominal Imaging, Imaging Informatics, Muskuloskeletal, Oncologic Imaging

Hobbies: Tennis, Swimming, Technology, Video games

Headshot of Victor Kondray in white coat, tie, and white background

Victor Kondray, MD

Education Pathway

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Medical student education/mentorship, Abdominal Imaging

Hobbies: Tennis, Cleveland sports, Basketball

Headshot of Payam Lahiji

Payam Lahiji, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Abdominal Imaging, Musculoskeletal

Hobbies: Soccer, Cooking, Video games

Headshot of Sooyoung Martin

Sooyoung Martin, MD

Academic Interests: Abdominal Imaging

Hobbies: Baking

Headshot of Maharshi Rajdev

Maharshi Rajdev, MD

Education Pathway

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Oncologic Imaging, Breast Imaging, Resident Education

Hobbies: Reading, Chess, Music

Headshot of Karma Salem

Karma Salem, MD

Academic Interests: Oncologic Imaging, Breast Imaging, Genomics, Cancer biology research

Hobbies: Cooking, Reading historical fiction, Yoga, Traveling, Trying to keep my plants and dog alive

Headshot of Patrick Slattery

Patrick Slattery, MD

Academic Interests: Breast Imaging, Medical Student Education

Hobbies: Weightlifting


Headshot of Samer Soussahn

Samer Soussahn, MD

Academic Interests: Musculoskeletal, Abdominal Imaging, Pediatrics, Medical Student/Resident Education

Hobbies: Biking, Traveling

Class of 2022

Headshot of Amir Ata Azar

Amir Ata Azar, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Research, Education

Hobbies: Off-Roading, Photography, Poetry, Music, Friends and family

Headshot of Sara Dastmalchian

Sara Dastmalchian, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Body MRI, MR Fingerprinting, Radiomics

Hobbies: Swimming, Running, Mixology, Reading, Shopping

Headshot of Robert Devita

Robert Devita, MD

Academic Interests: Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound, Medical Student/Resident Education

Hobbies: Winemaking, Running, Basketball, Cleveland sports

Headshot of Ahmad Hashmi

Ahmad Hashmi, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Intervetional, Medical student/resident education

Hobbies: Sports, Podcasts, Travel

Headshot of Joseph Liput

Joseph Liput, DO

Academic Interests: Resident and medical student education, Integration of Care Coordination

Hobbies: Playing guitar, Watching sports

Headshot of Filipe Matsunaga

Felipe Matsunaga, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional, Neurointerventional, Medical student education, Health Economics

Hobbies: Soccer, Cleveland Sports, Photography, Traveling

Headshot of Keval Parikh

Keval Parikh, MD, MHA

Academic Interests: Imaging Informatics

Hobbies: Basketball, Hiking, Traveling, Reading

Headshot of Haran Rajeswaran

Haran Rajeswaran, MD

Academic Interests: Vascular and Interventional

Hobbies: Football, Working out, Ethnic Eats

Headshot of Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith, MD

Academic Interests: Musculoskeletal

Hobbies: Fencing

Headshot of Tom Soker

Tom Soker, DO

Academic Interests: Medical student education, Veteran's Affairs

Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, Travelling, Trying new foods, Listening to music