Resident Resources

Learning Resources

Residents have available to them the Health Sciences Library at Case Western Reserve University, a full member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, containing the Health Center Library, the Allen Memorial Medical Library, and the Dittrick Medical History Center.

In addition, medical practice in the new information age requires the integration of electronic resources into the daily practice of medicine. State-of-the-art technology is available to provide resources in non-print materials. Electronic resources, the Internet, and e-mail are having an enormous impact on the practice of medicine in the 21st century.

In our residency training program, computer facilities, bibliographic retrieval of information, and evidence-based references are readily accessible. These resources are used to directly inform and enhance patient care at the bedside.

Online resources include:

  • 580+ online/electronic full text journals/serials
  • A collection of over 90 periodicals, with active subscriptions to nearly 50 serial publications
  • Over 350 standard texts and reference works
  • Database subscriptions including UpToDate, Ovid Online, and MD Consult
  • Interlibrary loan services

Resident Library

In addition to the vast on-line resources, a departmental Residency Library contains collections of materials that are not readily amenable to on-line perusal, including surgical and colposcopy atlases.

Communication resources

The hospital provides a pager for each resident with a range that permits access within 40 miles of the hospital.

The hospital provides each resident with an email account. Residents are expected to use this email account for residency and hospital related business.