ARO Assignments

Department of Research and Administrative Operations

as of February 1, 2022

Please note: For divisions/departments who have administrative employees outside of the Hubs, we have assigned Hubs to assist if needed.


Contacts Phone Email Departments and Notes
Alicia DePlatchett, Director 216.368.1674 Orthopedics, Geriatrics
Jeff Jackson, Director 216.368.1865 Ophthalmology, ITMM, Hem-Onc
Holly Green, Director     Interactive Commons, Pharmacology, Anatomy, BME, Center for AI for Drug Discovery
Michelle Kucia, Assistant Director 216.368.1115 Infectious Disease (TBRU, ACTU), Rheumatology, Nephrology
Mickey Bacisin, Assistant Director 216.368.4909 Otolaryngology, Pulmonary, Reproductive Biology, Urology
Tracy Krebs, Manager 216.368.6058 Gastroenterology
Diane Shoemaker, Assistant Director 216.368.0533 Case Center for Imaging Research, Dermatology, Radiology, Surgery
Sarah Ialacci, Manager 216.368.4876 Division of Medicine, Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, CHI
David Mansbach, Assistant Director 216.368.4121 Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Neurosurgery 
Veronica Runcis, Grant Manager 216.368.3362 TBD
Ben Sleva, Assistant Director 216.368.1856 Cardiology
Rachael Murphy, Graduate Education 216.368.1359 Graduate Students Coordinator

SOM ARO Human Resources

Contacts Phone Email Departments and Notes
Sherrie Irwin, HR 216.368.3742  
Charlene Torbert, HR 216.368.0267  
Shandrea Veal, HR 216.368.2758  
General Resources      
Human Resource Administrators

Support Services 

Contact Name and Titles Phone Email

David Peck



Anna Baumhoer 

Procurement Manager


Shelby Wilson

Procurement Manager


Carol Rice 

Event and Travel Specialist


Judy Gilchrist,

Event and Travel Specialist


General Directions


Smart Cart Window Shoppers: Please choose Anna Baumhoer (axb1071) as your approver. Be sure to add correct delivery information and speedtype.

Smart Cart Shoppers: Your requisitions will be routed to the Assistant Directors assigned to your departments for approval.

P-Cards: Employees who have P-cards are responsible to maintain receipts and assigning speedtypes. This will be done electronically on the Bank of America website only. If this is a task you prefer to do on your own, we are happy to come to your office to show you how to access your account information, assign speedtypes and upload receipts. If you prefer to have the purchasing staff manage your reconciliations, you should forward receipts to with the correct speedtype. Electronic copies of all Pcard receipts must be retained for five years per CWRU policy. The Support Services Hub will assume responsibility for retention of any receipts forwarded to them.

Requisitions/Special Orders: Be sure to include the speedtype to be charged and delivery information. If you have a large order with multiple items, please complete the‌ HUB purchasing order form ‌‌and send it to For smaller orders, screenshots can be sent to our purchasing email as well. Or, if you are ordering equipment or other special purchases someone will meet with you in your office to review your request and help with any special requirements.

Travel and Expenses: For CWRU faculty, staff or students, please scan your detailed receipts and send them to along with the speedtype to be charged. If you prefer, someone can come to your office to pick up your receipts. Please email to let us know where to pick them up.

For non-CWRU travelers, please complete the Statement of Travel Form and the Supplier Information form and email them along with detailed receipts and the speedtype to be charged to If you prefer, email us and we will arrange to have your forms and receipts picked up. 

Events: Please email to request an appointment to discuss your event(s).

Space and/or Facility: Please send your questions or concerns to