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The Core provides necessary tools for immunoassays. This includes access to equipment (flow cytometers, automated magnetic bead cell sorter, infrared imager and ELISA plate reader & washer) and protocols, technical support, and expert advice. Additionally, Core staff will perform assays for investigators by arrangement. The Core operates on a cost recovery basis, and investigators provide an account that will be charged after service. Day-to-day access is through an online sign up system. Services are available to the CWRU community. The Core is allied with the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center's Cytometry and Imaging Microscopy Core. The Immune Function Core strives to make Immunology research more efficient and affordable. Investigators may obtain protocols as well as access equipment to run Cytokine ELISA's, Elispot assays, cell selections/depletions, and flow based assays. Additionally, the Core technician can perform immune assays for investigators. These include ELISA, Elispot, cell selections/depletions and flow cytometry.


BRB Room 1048, Wood Building Room WRT205 and the VA Hospital

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