PROSPECT- Summer research internship for MS1-2 URM students in urology

Date Posted
November 07, 2022
This is a stipend-supported 10 summer urology research fellowship offered at four urology programs in the midwest to be completed btw first and second year medical school.

Project Information

To increase the numbers of URiM medical students who choose urology as a career choice by early exposure and engagement to the field of urology through mentorship, clinical and research experiences, and match coaching. It is specifically designed for URiM medical students matriculating at an accredited US medical school.

What it is:
This is a 14-week program, beginning Memorial Day and extending to Labor Day for students between their first and second years, including 8 weeks of mentored clinical research at one of four participating urology programs. Weekly lectures on “The Art of Clinical Research” and “Basic Urology” will be provided via a virtual platform over the program duration. Participants will have flexibility in the research component depending on the dates of their summer break. Participating programs include:
• University of Michigan
• Henry Ford Hospital Vattikuti Foundation | Vattikuti Urology Institute, Henry Ford Health System
• The Ohio State University Department of Urology | Ohio State College of Medicine (
• Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological Institute Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute | Cleveland Clinic

While on-site doing research, participants will be encouraged to participate in departmental educational conferences and other activities to gain exposure to the program. In the autumn following the program, participants will be provided an opportunity to present their findings at the Annual North Central Section AUA meeting. Travel expenses will be supported by NCS-AUA.

Students will receive a $5000 stipend to cover living expenses.

Who can apply:

URiM medical school students from accredited medical and osteopathic medical schools are encouraged to apply.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the definition of URiM "Underrepresented in Medicine” means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population." For further clarification, Blacks, LatinX, Native Americans (First Nation, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians).

Applicants must be in good standing at their home program, and have a letter of support from their home institution.

Applicants will be asked to state their preferences for programs on their applications. The committee will attempt to accommodate program preferences, but cannot guarantee that.

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All application materials due January 16, 2023.
Decisions will be announced mid-February 2023.

Stipend Offered
Primary Research Location

University of Michigan, Henry Ford Hospital, Ohio State U, CCF

Mentor Information

Hadley Wood