GradPLUS Loan Application

Please wait to complete the following until after May 14, 2022

These instructions are for those students who wish to borrow the GradPLUS Loan. If you do not wish to borrow the GradPLUS Loan, please ignore this section.

Instructions for completing the GradPLUS Loan Application:

  • Log into the Federal Student Aid website using your FSA ID and password (the same one as for the FAFSA)
  • Select 'Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan'
  • Select 'Start' next to 'Direct PLUS Loan Application for Graduate/Professional Students'
  • Add a school to notify by selecting the very first CWRU option for the School Code, G03024 - be sure to click 'Notify School'
  • Set the Loan Period as follows:
    • Start Date: July 2022
    • End Date: May 2023
  • You will be notified immediately of approval or denial

You will have to do this every year you would like to borrow the GradPLUS Loan