Our chairman, program director and faculty members have an open door policy for scheduling meetings.

As a resident, you will have a monthly evaluation, including constructive feedback.

  • Free participation in meetings of the Cleveland Surgical Society
  • Full expenses covered for presentation of scholarly work at national meetings
  • Participation in the Residency Committee and in applicant recruitment
  • Insurance coverage:
    • Health/Dental
    • Malpractice
    • Disability
    • Additional family coverage available
  • Retreats to improve your residency experience
  • Online system for communication, teaching and recording case logs
  • Access to hospital and medical school libraries
  • Scrubs provided and laundered by the hospital.
  • Meal money for all on-call periods
  • Optional 2 years of research
  • Interns: Three weeks of vacation per year
  • Other residents: Four weeks of vacation per year
  • Five-week, paid maternity/paternity leave

You will be on call no more than every fourth night.

  • 1st year: $52,600
  • 2nd year: $54,400
  • 3rd year: $56,150
  • 4th year: $58,500
  • 5th year: $60,400
  • 6th year: $62,975
  • 7th year: $64,800