The Urban Health Initiative increases awareness of myriad efforts across the university that affect community health. Since January 2014, UHI Director Amy Sheon has been working with One Community, a local nonprofit, to seek ways to improve community health through expanding access to and uses of our region's cutting edge gigabit fiber broadband connections. Read more about this collaboration.  

Urban Health Initiative staff participate in a number of community-level efforts that have the potential to make a significant impact on the population’s health. Such efforts seek to change policies, systems and the environment to help “make the healthy way be the easy way.”

Such efforts include:

  • The Healthy Cleveland Initiative, launched in the spring of 2011, aims to reduce health disparities in the city of Cleveland and improve quality of life for every resident in Cleveland. The Healthy Cleveland Resolution passed by Cleveland City Council in 2011 outlines the framework for tackling the root causes of the health disparities which exist between urban and suburban communities and is built upon the pro-active engagement of Cleveland’s four healthcare systems: Cleveland Clinic, the MetroHealth System, Sisters of Charity Health System and University Hospitals.

  • To date, the Healthy Cleveland Initiative implemented expanded smoking bans and ramped up the city’s system of community gardens. It has created streets which serve motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders and ensures our schools have adequate facilities and the budget to purchase, prepare and serve healthy foods. The initiative also addresses violence as a factor to the overall health of the community.

  • HIP-Cuyahoga (HIP-C) uses a community-driven process to conduct health and social assessments, identify priorities and implement a comprehensive and collaborative approach for carrying out and funding health improvement strategies. Its goal is to develop an action plan for improving the health of everyone who lives, works, learns or plays in Cuyahoga County.