Digital Health Equity

Digital connectivity and skills have been described as "super" social determinants of health (SDoH) because they determine a person's ability to address many other SDoH such as education, employment and housing.  

Digital HEALTH tools such as telehealth, patient portals to the electronic health record, apps, sensors and remote monitors enable individuals to monitor and manage their health.  However, they require access to appropriate devices, digital connectivity, and the skills needed to use the tools.

The Urban Health Initiative is deeply engaged in local and national efforts to:

  • Raise awareness about digital skills and connectivity equity issues
  • Create tools for measuring disparities in access and use of digital tools for health and for other aspects of life
  • Develop interventions to close gaps in access and skills, and to engage vulnerable populations with using digital tools to improve their health
  • Promote development of digital health tools that take the needs of vulnerable populations into consideration.