The Student Perspective

Tamara Lee

Tamara Lee
Tamara Lee

Tamara Lee is a third-year medical student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

I’m hoping that at the very least, my patients will be able to afford health care! I believe this will improve the doctor-patient relationship because patients will be able to take the medications and obtain the therapy or procedures they need, and I won’t have to waste as much administrative time, effort and money providing justifications to insurance companies. I also won’t feel compelled to order unnecessary tests and procedures for fear of litigation, and I believe my medical decisions will be more directed and informed, based on conclusions of qualitative health outcomes research.

Right now, I am not sure what field I will pursue. I start my rotations this year and hope to find inspiration. I hope that as I advance in my career I can hold on to the same idealism that I have right now—that is, I want to go into a field that I am passionate about, not necessarily the field that will pay the best or see the least malpractice cases.

I sense optimism among my generation of medical students. Hopefully, we will be practicing in a better health care system—one in which we are doing everything we can to prevent, treat and cure disease.