Michael Konstan, MD

Director, Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Center

Michael Konstan, MD is Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Center at Case and Co-Medical Director of the Pulmonary Function Laboratory at Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital. Dr. Konstan attended Case Western Reserve University in 1978 and received his BA in Biology, and afterwards his MD in 1982. He worked in Dr. Thomas Boats labs in the School of Medicine and then joined the State University of New York as a Clinical Assistant Instructor until 1985. Returning to Case, Dr. Konstan worked as a fellow in Pediatric Pulmonary. He became an Assistant Professor in 1988. Dr. Konstan is Co Director of the Cystic Fibrosos Center and also Director of Pediatric Bronchoscopy Laboratory at Rainbows and Childrens Hospital. In 1996 he became an Associate Professor.

Through his clinical research, Dr. Konstan has nearly doubled the life-expectancy for patients with cystic fibrosis, while advocating for children and youth suffering from the relatively unknown disease-and inspiring those who work for and with him in the laboratory. Dr. Konstan has been an inspiration for and supporter of philanthropy for cystic fibrosis research and treatment for many years. Each fall, a local high school art department paints pictures of roses that are auctioned off at what is called the Michael Konstan Gallery, a yearly benefit for cystic fibrosis he organizes himself. Dr. Konstan also has been active in fund-raising events coordinated by the Rainbow Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and inspired the donation of an endowed chair in his honor at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

Despite the demands of the clinical research he catalyzes and performs himself, Dr. Konstan continues to serve as the primary physician to a population of patients with cystic fibrosis. He makes himself available 24/7 to provide superb, personalized care. In addition to this primary physician mode, he has always been a doctor's doctor, accepting the most difficult case referrals from his colleagues and rescuing patients whose disease was far advanced. In addition to befriending and encouraging as well as treating and healing his patients, Dr. Konstan is a gracious person and inspires remarkable loyalty among his co-workers and staff. His research team has been with him for about 20 years, and his clinical staff for more than a decade. He was most recently nominated for Crain's Cleveland Business- Health Care Heroes Award.