Schedule of Events

 Schedule of Events

All events will take place in the Tinkham Veale Center


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Monday, September 16th


noon-7:00 pm                Registration Desk Open                                                                            Location: Foyer


noon-5:00 pm                Poster Set Up                                                                                              Location: Ballroom A


1:30 pm-3:30 pm            Education Workshop: “Scientific writing 101. 

              Fellowships, grants and papers, Oh my!”                                               Location: Ballroom C


3:30 pm-3:35 pm             Meeting Opening and Announcements                                                  Location: Ballroom B


3:35 pm-5:05 pm             Session 1: Experimental and Theoretical Models of                             Location: Ballroom B      

               Pattern Formation

                                                    Chair: Anna Dobritsa


5:05 pm                            Coffee break and refreshments (will continue through poster presentation)


5:05 pm-6:05 pm             Poster Presentation (even numbers)                                                        Location: Ballroom A


6:05 pm – 7:05 pm          Poster Presentation (odd numbers) 


7:10 pm-8:20 pm             Keynote Lecture I                                                                                     Location: Ballroom B

                                                      Speaker: Tatjana Piotrowski                                                                             


8:20 pm-10:00 pm          Welcome reception/social hour (hors d'oeuvre and refreshments)     Location: Foyer




Tuesday, September 17th


7:30 am-8:30 am             Continental Breakfast                                                                          Location: Foyer


8:30 am-8:35 am             Announcements                                                                                    Location: Ballroom B


8:35 am-10:05 am          Session 2: Evolution and Development                                               Location: Ballroom B

                                                      Chair: Cora MacAlister


10:05 am-10:35 am       Break                                                                                                       Location: Foyer


10:35 am – 12:05am     Session 3: Epigenetics and transcriptional regulation of                    Location: Ballroom B

                              gene expression                                     

                                                      Chair: Shelby Blythe                         


12:10 am-2:40 pm          Lunch break/Open Poster Viewing/Vendor Viewing                         Location: Ballroom A


12:10 pm-2:40 pm          Workshop: Applications of Single Cell Analysis in Developmental

              Biology (lunch served for workshop attendees)                                    Location: Ballroom B      



2:50 pm-4:20 pm             Session 4: Organogenesis and Morphogenesis                                 Location: Ballroom B

                                                      Chair: Donna Fekete


4:20pm – 4:35pm            Flash Poster Presentations                                                                  Location: Ballroom B


4:35 pm                            Coffee break and refreshments (will continue through poster presentation)


4:35pm-5:35 pm             Poster presentation (odd numbers)                                                    Location: Ballroom A


5:35 pm-6:35 pm             Poster Presentation (even numbers)                                                  Location: Ballroom A                                             


4:35pm – 6:35pm             Vendor viewing                                                                                    Location: Foyer                                                       


6:40 pm-7:45 pm             Keynote Lecture II                                                                              Location: Ballroom B/C

                                                                        Speaker: Pablo Jenik


7:45 pm-9:30 pm             Banquet Dinner                                                                                    Location: Ballroom B/C


9:30 pm-10:00 pm          Open Poster Viewing                                                                            Location: Ballroom A




Wednesday, September 18th


7:30 am-10:30 am          Poster Take Down                                                                                  Location: Ballroom A


7:30 am-8:30 am           Continental Breakfast                                                                             Location: Foyer


8:30 am-10 am              Session 5: Stem Cells and Regeneration                                                Location: Ballroom B

                                                      Chair: Ryota Matsuoka


10:00 am-10:15 am       Break                                                                                                         Location: Foyer


10:15 am-11:45 pm       Session 6: Signaling Pathways: Genetic, Genomics,                             Location: Ballroom B

and Cellular Regulation of Development                                                                                     

                          Chair: Brian Link                                                                                                                            


11:45:00 pm-12:00 pm       Closing Remarks                                                                                  Location: Ballroom B                                          


12:00pm                                 Departure Lunch Buffett and Award Ceremony                           Location: Ballroom A




Education Workshop: Scientific Writing 101. Fellowships, papers, and grants! Oh my!


Organizers: Emmitt Jolly, PhD (Dept. of Biology, CWRU) and Claudia Mieko Mizutani, PhD (Dept. of Biology, CWRU)


Description:  Scholarly writing is an essential skill in science. In fact, most of lab PI’s time is said to be spent on writing. This workshop will discuss about scientific writing in fellowship application, grant application, manuscript and PhD thesis. Researchers and trainees will share their experience in becoming better writers, training their students in writing, reviewing written work from the scientific community, and talk about the rewards and challenges that come with writing.

Presenters/Discussion Leaders:

Dr. Emmitt Jolly, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Claudia Mieko Mizutani, Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University (PS – If I am needed)

Dr. Brian Link, Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Donna Fekete, Professor, Purdue University (PS. Could be late due to driving distance). 

Trizi Ibarra, PhD candidate, Case Western Reserve University.

TBA, CWRU Writing Center

Preliminary Schedule: 

Date: Monday, September 16th2019

Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Location: Tinkham Veale, Ballroom C



Applications of Single Cell Analysis in Developmental Biology


12:10pm - 1:10pm  

Brian Fritz, PhD, 10x Genomics, Senior Marketing Manager

 "Advancing Biology: Single Cell Genomics and Spatial Transcriptomics for Advanced Cell and Developmental Research”

Here we will cover the latest in single cell genomics, along with the exciting move into spatial transcriptomics, and how these technologies have continued the advancement of the field of developmental biology.

1:15pm - 1:45pm

Mark Cameron, PhD. Associate Professor, Director, Applied Functional Genomics Core, Department of Population & quantitative Health Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

“The transcript-ocalypse” Modern assays anad making sense of low input and single cell transcriptomic data.

1:50pm - 2:20pm

Guang Li, Assistant  Professor, University of Pittsburgh

"Single cell expression analysis reveals anatomical and cell cycle-dependent transcriptional shifts during heart development"