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NanoBook @ Case

The Case Western reserve University nanoBook is an interactive directory that highlights the ongoing nanoscience/nanotechnolgy research activities of our faculty across the university. Please browse through the nanoBook by faculty last name, department, or by choosing a field of interest.


The economy of Northeast Ohio has traditionally been based on materials and manufacturing associated with and emerging from the automobile industry. This tradition has been reflected in the many of the strengths in science and engineering at Case.

A particularly important example is polymer materials as they emerged from the rubber tire industry. Other important strengths are in coatings, surfaces and metals. More recently, the major employers in the city have become the health care providers and the associated research engines. The great strengths in medicine and biotechnology have driven the current economic and academic emphasis in developing biotechnology. Nanotechnology represents a potent opportunity to help bring together the traditional strengths of our region for future scientific and engineering innovation. More.