Abdus Sattar, MS, PhD

Abdus Sattar


Email: sattar@case.edu

Phone: 216.368.1501


Assistant Professor in the School of Medicine; Center for Research and Scholarship

Research Interests

  • Statistical Methods: Longitudinal data analysis; Frailty models for time-to-event data; Joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data; Semiparametric and nonparametric methods for longitudinal data; Statistical methods for gene expression and next generation sequencing data.
  • Clinical Research: Multiple chronic conditions.

Education Interests

  • Teaching following courses:
    • Likelihood Theory and Applications (EPBI 485)
    • Multivariate and High-Dimensional Data Analysis (EPBI 443)
    • Design and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data. (EPBI 430)

Recent Publications:

  • Sattar, A., Sinha, S.K. Argyropoulos, C. and Unruh, M. (2012). “Joint modeling of all-cause mortality and longitudinally measured serum albumin”. Progress in Applied Mathematics, 4(2): 1-14.
  • Sattar, A., Sinha, S.K., Morris, N.J. (2012). “A parametric survival model when a covariate is subject to left-censoring”. Journal of Biometrics and Biostatistics, S3:002. doi:10.4172/2155-6180.S3-002.
  • Sattar, A., Argyropoulos, C., Weissfeld, L., Younus, N., Fried, L., Kellum, J.A., and Unruh, M. (2012). “All-cause and cause-specific mortality associated with diabetes in prevalent hemodialysis patients”. BMC Nephrology , doi:10.1186/1471-2369-13-130.
  • Sattar, A., Weissfeld, L. and Molenberghs, G. (2011). “Analysis of non-ignorable missing and left-censored longitudinal data using a weighted random effects tobit model”. Statistics in Medicine, 30, 3167–3180.

Accreditations and awards

  • Learning Fellowship, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 2013
  • Mentor Fellowship, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 2012
  • Travel support, ENAR Workshop for Junior Investigators, Washington D.C., 2012
  • Bursary Service Award, University of Alabama, AL, 2011
  • Travel Fellowship, Short Course on Statistical Genetics and Genomics, U. of Alabama, AL, 2011
  • International Educational Scholarship, Texas A&M U., College Station, TX, 2002-2003
  • First Class First in B.S. Degree (Equivalent to Summa Cum Laude), 1996
  • Merit Scholarship, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1991-1995

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