Christine Carson Filipovich, MSN '77, BSN '73, RN

Ms. Christine Carson Filipovich

‌Ms. Christine Carson Filipovich is the founder, owner, and chief executive officer of Professional Nursing Resources, Inc. (PNRI), a management firm, Harrisburg, PA, that provides services for nursing and healthcare organizations. She learned the art and science of nursing at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University, where she received her BSN in 1973 and her MSN in 1977, with a specialty as a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). She says the experiences and role models offered by FPB shaped her image of nursing: the nurse is a leader and patient advocate playing a critical role at the bedside, in various health systems, and in research to advance nursing care. Ms. Filipovich's 30-year nursing career has been filled with opportunities to use all that FPB taught her.

Her career progression to entrepreneur was built on the experiences she acquired in a variety of positions. She practiced first as a CNS in a private OB/GYN practice in a small city where no one had ever heard of a CNS. One of her responsibilities was to provide prenatal care for uninsured, low income patients. She not only provided care bur also mobilized local social and community supports to address the complex, multiple needs of patients who lacked not only financial resources but also the personal, home, and family resources necessary to parent a child.

Later, Ms. Filipovich was hired by a hospital near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to create a state-of-the-art maternity service. She faced the challenges of bringing enormous change to every aspect of a traditional hospital obstetrics service. As the only nurse and the only female on the team responsible for establishing the maternal care unit, she worked tirelessly to bring the perspective of nursing and nursing care into every decision about the design, construction, and marketing of this unique, new service.

Ms. Filipovich took on the responsibility for mentoring, supporting, and educating the nursing staff to ensure an effective transition to a totally new type of physical and nursing environment. She also developed the postpartum home nursing services to extend care into the home following the short inpatient maternity stay. As a result of her efforts, Harrisburg continues to be served today by a nurse midwifery service and a program for substance abusing pregnant women and their newborns.

Later in her career, Ms. Filipovich was an undergraduate nursing faculty member and on senior staff of the state nurses association. In 1998, she established PNRJ to bring nursing expertise to projects in both the private and public sector. Her business focus evolved to specialize in management services to ensure the inclusion of nurses in national and state health policy forums, bring nurses together for knowledge sharing and collaboration, and position nurses for success in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Recognizing that nursing organizations and other healthcare groups could best be managed by nurses, Ms. Filipovich created an array of services that could be tailored to the needs of small, low-budget organizations as well as organizations interested in a full continuum of management services. She developed a core staff of nurses and others familiar with healthcare, and added a cadre of master's-prepared associates and consultants whose expertise could be brought to clients on an as-needed basis, making it possible for small organizations to have programs and services without full-time staff. Her clients now include stale, national, and international organizations.

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