Continuing Education

Continuing Education Organizer Application Forms

Continuing Education Organizer Application Instructions

The Primary Nurse Planner needs to be involved from the initial planning stage of the activity in order for the application to be considered for continuing education (CE) credit/s. The application will be denied if informed after initial planning. Involvement from the beginning of the process will help the planning committee abide by the Ohio Nurses Association policies every step of the way.

Filling Out the Main Document

Complete the Faculty Directed Document (Otherwise Called CE Application or Main Document) as Follows

  • Fill out all sections marked yellow with information you know (corrections and updates can be made later).
  • The Primary Nurse Planner (Mary Variath) will complete the sections that are not marked yellow .
  • Ignore parts B&C on question No. 17, as they will be completed after the program.
  • Under question No. 18, complete B and include the advertisement, if ready.
  • Submit an agenda/schedule of the entire event.
  • Submit all documents electronically.

Filling Out the Biographical Document

  • Each planner (each committee member) and speaker needs to complete a Bio Form.
  • DO NOT submit complete CV/resume. The Ohio Nurses Association does not require complete CV/resume.
  • If the program received sponsorship, all sponsors need to sign an agreement (Form will be provided).
  • If any speaker has a "conflict of interest" (details will be explained in the initial meeting) he/she must sign a resolution form.
  • A sponsor cannot be on the planning committee.

General Information

The Evaluation Form, Disclosures and Attendance Sheet Can be Developed at a Later Stage.

Timeframe for submission of CE Application Form

  • New program: Four months ahead
  • Existing program: Three months ahead
  • All activities planned for June, July and August must be submitted by Feb. 1 for new programs and March 1 for existing programs, as no reviewers will be available in summer.

For more information, contact David Foley at 216.368.5814 or